Our team is diverse and hails from over 10 countries, speaking multiple languages and able to apply themselves across borders. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and skills, and include programmers, musicians, power lifters, TED Talk originators, surfers, political activists & teachers. The odd DJ too.

We are always seeking the recognition that we can and do provide the best working environment for our staff, if there isn't a solution available to us, we'll build one.

Personal fitness is a big part of our lives and we ensure each of our team members has access to company gym facilities and just as importantly, the training needed to achieve their goals.

Education is core to our belief system - if we stop learning, we stop growing. Every staff member has access to educational support, be it an ACCA qualification, additional language lessons or support with a masters degree.

New arrivals at any company often find it hard to find their feet, it's not cheap living in big cities, H&B offer help and financial assistance to every new member to get them a settled in accommodation and access to travel.



Hatton & Berkeley will always look after it's members as they look after the brand, constant attention to it's staff medical needs is as important as any operational procedure. We offer dental, health insurance and bespoke medical care for any staff dependants.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ensure that all staff members have the ability to decide when they need a holiday, time-out or just a day off.

Cheat day every Friday can't come around quick enough for most (I've not met anyone who doesn't look forward to pizza Friday). Filtered water, cold pressed juices and fair trade coffee and all the usual trimmings are available for staff to graze throughout the day.

Success is not due to an individual - it is a team effort. All of the staff members once renewing contracts receive a position in the H&B Members LLP, this reserves them a right to vote on the board as a corporate member with share options.

Regular staff events and excursions help maintain the drive and motivation behind the work we achieve as a group.

Whenever we travel, if it's by plane over a three hour flight it's an immediate upgrade to business class. When in a hotel it's a minimum of 4 stars.