Our team

Our greatest assets is our human capital, our best and brightest individuals. We treat all staff as we would any client: they are valued, respected and given the ability to constantly grow with the company at their own pace.

As a member of the Hatton & Berkeley team, you are expected to provide exceptional customer service as professionals, each staff member is as responsible for the company as any board director, with this responsibility comes reward, partners are gifted ongoing academic and technical training.

Our Co-Operative LLP structure rewards those who put in the extra hours and offers each member a hands on role of crafting their own career at the firm.


Why H&B?

For most large companies, having a voice is something you could only wish for. At Hatton & Berkeley we are still a young and relatively small company of men and women, each has a voice and each opinion is heard. That said we do not manage by committee, rather inspire individuals to lead, and to train those under them.

Our teams are kept small and manoeuvrable, we out pace our competitors through agility and ability to adapt quickly, the cost of capital running a project team is far more efficient as we provide a fluid workforce - no hanging about gathering dust.